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Take time out from the everyday hubbub. Go to sleep relaxed. Wake up happy. Feel nature, feel close to loved ones. Focus on the essentials and listen to your inner clock. Feel good!

NONOMO® adapts to your everyday life. Our Swinging Hammocks in tried and tested quality provide a safe and cosy haven, and ensure your baby is close by your side. In the living room, on your travels or under the pear tree ? wherever your baby needs to sleep, the high-quality hammock is close at hand. And it grows with your baby. Giving you confidence, and keeping your baby snug ? anytime, anywhere.


The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock

To relax, your baby needs to feel safe and snug. Thanks to the rocking motion of the specially designed hammock, which swings freely from the NONOMO® spring, even babies who tend to cry a lot are soothed into blissful sleep.

And no wonder: the gentle sway recalls for them the protection of their mother's womb. Sleep simply couldn't be more natural.

More than a crib

  • helps babies relax and find sleep
  • at home or on the road
  • natural materials
  • ergonomical design
  • for babies and toddlers
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What makes the NONOMO® so unique

Ergonomic design

When design also works well: The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock works by keeping it natural. Its gentle curve means your baby's body weight is distributed evenly all over his or her back. This not only takes the pressure off the coccyx and shoulders, it enables the back of the head to develop correctly.

The NONOMO Swinging Hammock supports the natural curve of the baby's back

Flexible and compact

Our Swinging Hammocks are as flexible as you are: You can attach them to the ceiling, hang them from a stand, or - with the NONOMO® door clamp – fix them to the door frame, as you wish.

NONOMO® is also your perfect companion when you're on the go: lightweight and handy, the Baby Hammock fits in any luggage.

The NONOMO Swinging Hammock supports the natural curve of the baby's back

Our quality promise

We take the spirit of keeping it natural even further: For only quality is a guarantee of health and safety. That's why we use only high-quality, natural materials, such as certified organic cotton and wool.

Sustainability is a common theme embracing all we do: from product design to customer care, we take our responsibilities seriously.

The NONOMO Swinging Hammock supports the natural curve of the baby's back