NONOMO - Like sleeping in mommie's arms

The NONOMO® babyhammock

With the aid of the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock you will finally be able to spend some quiet, relaxed time without crying and screaming.

Your baby will be content rocking up and down, allowing you to finally enjoy that show you wanted to watch, that book you wanted to read or just enjoy a nice diner with your partner, without having to worry about your little one.

What is it that makes the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock so special?

  • If your baby has a hard time falling asleep, the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock will help out in a natural way, without the side effects of medication
  • The proprietary spring of the NONOMO®  Baby-Spring-Hammock starts swinging vertically starting at a weight of 2 kilos (4 pounds) and has an interior security line to prevent the spring from overexpansion
  • The NONOMO®  Baby Hammock premium is made of 100% natural cotton, the expansion bar is made of FSC-certified wood
  • Safety strings at the expansion bar of the NONOMO Baby Hammock premium prevent it from falling down
  • All metal parts are made in Germany
  • The NONOMO®  Baby Hammock is suspended by a closed system, so unintended unhinging is impossible
  • Snaps at the foot of the hammock prevent your baby from slipping out
  • The ergonomic shape of the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock evenly distributes the baby’s weight, forming a rounded back. This relieves some of the pressure of the coccyx and prevents the baby’s head from flattening
  • The mattress of the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock premium is filled with natural sheep’s wool, which provides an ideal exchange of moisture and temperature and is less prone to absorbing germs, in particular when compared to foam mattresses. Lanolin, the natural wool wax contained in sheep’s wool, is anti-inflammatory.
  • With its practical carrier bag the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock premium is easily transportable and can be used as a travel bed on vacation or while visiting friends.

Midwifes and therapists recommend the NONOMO®  Baby Hammock for babies suffering from colics and excessively crying babies.