Our philosophy

We have put great emphasis on using natural and organic materials in the process of making our NONOMO.


NONOMO Baby Hammock wodden spread bar

Great emphasis has been put on the use of natural and organic materials in the process of making the NONOMO® Baby Hammock premium. The NONOMO® Baby Hammock premium is made from 100% untreated cotton! Its mattress is filled with pure sheep’s wool which contains Lanolin (wool fat) that absorbs virtually no germs. In addition, it has medicinal properties and acts anti-inflammatory.


Is our aspiration! We strive to offer you, our customers, a high quality product. The cloth used for the NONOMO® Baby Hammock is carefully chosen and the spring is specially designed for the use with a NONOMO® Baby Hammock and has its own, unique characteristics.


It goes without saying that we paid extra attention that our chosen manufacturer does not employ child labor! The roughly 300 employees are employed in observance of all national and international guidelines. In addition to that, social programs benefitting families in the area are supported (more information under Production).


Your safety and of course the safety of your baby is closest to our heart! The stability and safety of the NONOMO® Baby Hammock has been thoroughly tested. During this process the NONOMO® Baby Hammock underwent considerably higher stress than necessary.


All components of the NONOMO® Baby Hammock premium are made from renewable or recyclable materials, thereby protecting our environment and natural resources.