Proper sleep (falling asleep properly)

Sleep is important, healthy, and good for us. But how do you get proper sleep?

Factors that influence sleep

Sleep is important, healthy, and good for us. But how do you get proper sleep? The temperature in the baby's bed is essential for restful sleep. The human body's temperature regulation is controlled by the release of water vapor. You should therefore ensure that the air humidity in the sleeping area, i.e. the space between the mattress and the top blanket, is kept low and dry. A sheepskin or a mattress with sheep's wool can be a great benefit in regulating air humidity.

Sheep's wool is a natural product and can absorb about 35 percent of its own weight in moisture. Since wool fibers are naturally crimped, they contain many air pockets. These also support regulation - keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer - naturally.

Sheep's wool also has a natural, self-cleaning property. The capillary effect of the fibers transports dirt to the surface, which can then be easily shaken off. Therefore, it is not necessary to "wash it clean". Thanks to its high fat content, wool does not provide a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Getting children to sleep

Parents often use many aids to get their babies, especially their crying babies, to fall asleep calmly and contentedly. Most are neither costly nor expensive: carrying them in a baby sling, driving them in a car, or pushing them in a stroller. But parents don't always want to carry their child, drive them around in the car, or push them in the stroller; at some point, there has to be time for a cozy evening in front of the TV, a delicious dinner, or simply a short power nap. And the household doesn't take care of itself either.

Monotonous noises can also be used to get children to fall asleep. Many babies fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Noise can be generated by a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, or washing machine. But wait - before you run off and get the clean laundry out of the cupboards (the washing machine should not run empty), cook one meat dish after the other (there is also only limited space in the freezer), wash your hair several times a day (permanent blow-drying dries out your hair), or vacuum even in the furthest corners for the fourth time (how was that with the relaxation?) - It's much easier than that. Have you ever thought about creating a playlist from your streaming provider with good falling asleep noises? Or, have you thought about buying a baby hammock?