For a peaceful sleep of your baby

Your baby will feel comfortable while swaying softly up and down in its NONOMO® Baby Hammock. So, you get the chance to watch TV, to read your favorite book or to have diner undisturbed with your partner. If your baby has difficulties in falling asleep, the NONOMO® Baby Hammock may help in a natural way. Also midwives recommend the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.



The NONOMO® Baby Hammock is a flexible roost. Swaying produces a comfortable feeling of protection and love. The high sidewalls protect your baby against overstimulation and, thereby, facilitate to fall asleep.

Development of spinal column

The NONOMO® Baby Hammock particulary supports the proper development of your baby's spinal column. Recommended by midwifes, your baby always lies in the correct position. In addition, this position helps to sooth unsettled babies suffering from colic an reflux.

Compact and movable

The NONOMO® Baby Hammock is light, compact and flexible. It is all-in-one: a children`s bed, bassinet, cradle and portacrib. You can take the hammock with you wherever you like. You can fix it to a door with the appropriate NONOMO® Door Clamp, eg. at the grandparents` or friend`s house. So, your baby is always close to you but also able to sleep in its usual surroundings. If you don`t want to use the door clamp, the hammock can be fixed with a hook to the ceiling or to the appropriate stand, made of galvanised steal.

High-quality materials

Our NONOMO® Baby Hammock -premium- is made of 100 % organic materials like organic cotton and sheep`s wool. Our product is neither impregnated nor treated with chemicals. The hammock is washable up to 30 degrees. Before washing, you have to remove the mattress. It needs to be dry-cleaned only..

NONOMO Baby Hammock in a living room COLLAGE
Autograph of soccer world champion 2014, Philipp Lahm

Thank you! Julian loves the NONOMO® Baby Hammock and sleeps great in it! (translated from german)

Philipp Lahm, soccer world champion 2014
Autograph of Nina Eichinger

Settle your baby to sleep with NONOMO! Thank you very much! (translated from german)

Nina Eichinger, German TV presenter and actress.
Autograph of Kim Gloss

NONOMO is my helper in many situations! Thank you! (translated from german)

Kim Gloss, German singer.
Federwiege Bewertung

Customer feedback of NONOMO® Baby Hammock

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