Customer feedback

The Nonomo Baby hammock is a stunning product. It is easily and fast assembled.

Birgitt P.

Awesome - at long last my baby sleeps somewhere else than in his baby sling. This investment has paid off!

Verena S.

We are really pleased with the Nonomo. Good material, fantastic tailoring and cloth is easy to clean - our baby sleeps brilliantly in it.

Susanna S.

Hello, we bought the hammock for twins when our boys were 2 months old. At first, we borrowed a normal hammock from friends to try out if our boys would like it. And yes they did. It was so obvious we needed a hammock. Today is pretty much like the day we bought the twins hammock. We always know for sure that our babies sleep immediately if we put both or one baby in the hammock. Rocking up and down and letting the music box play make them fall sleep. Their sleeping hours are variable, between 20 mins - 3 hours and they never mind when a party is going on. They take their cuddly toy and sleep – just like in the picture we sent you. Thanks a lot for this wonderful hammock. My everyday life is simple at any rate.

Christin W. & Co about the Twins hammock

Our daughter is six months old and suffers severely from three-months colic. She calms down and falls asleep as soon as we put her in hammock and teeter her. It really facilitates our everyday life.

Romy S.

The hammock is the best purchase which we have made for our daugther! She like sleeping in it daily... The cloth is great and tailorint is also super!

Simone N.

I as a grand-mother and my entire family are so enthusiastic about the hammock. We are able to celebrate festive days with family members and friends while our sweet grand-daughter is resting in her hammock. It takes her less than five minutes to fall asleep though it usually to her almost half an hour. We can talk almost aloud, play cards while she is hanging and sleeping peacefully. This hammock is fabulous. The fast delivery is grandiose. We are thankful and are going to recommend you.

Doris S.