Diary @wanderlustbaby #2 - When feelings overflow.

Alina from wanderlustbaby.de is writing about her feelings around the birth of her second child. Follow her journey here.

#2 When feelings overflow.

I have to say that pregnancy is a roller coaster of feelings from beginning to end. But the end is especially so for me once again. Especially exhausting. Not only physically, which is quite understandable, of course. But, also, emotionally.

How many emotions stirring in one pot and each one competing with the other! Of course, there is the great anticipation. The happiness of finally holding this baby in my arms. But sometimes, it does seem so unreal! Because before that comes the birth. And even when you know what to expect, respect grows alongside your thoughts of day X for this feat of strength. A certain amount of fear tags along - Please, let the baby be healthy! Will everything go smoothly? And then, out of nowhere, this strong primal trust returns to your body: of course it will! I can do this!

But the diverse range of feelings, emotions, and sensations is a strain during these last days. Switching off is difficult for me, and that is also certainly my nature. Too many thoughts, too many questions about what it will be like. Unnecessary uncertainties. It's just good that the anticipation prevails and, of course, I'm waiting every day for it to start. Mouse, you may come. I am ready.

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