Diary @wanderlustbaby #1 - You'll be here soon.

Alina from wanderlustbaby.de is writing about her feelings around the birth of her second child. Follow her journey here.

#1 You'll be here soon.

I sit in the garden and enjoy the first really warm rays of sunshine. April has finally brought the coming of spring after the long winter. My husband builds the sandbox for our big one, who jumps around here wildly and is already squealing with excitement. The dog chews on a toy and we enjoy the chirping of the birds. Just a normal family Sunday.

I watch my boys and, instinctively, my hand glides over my swelling belly as it does so often. By now, a really big ball! But how could she be any different in the last days before the birth? The date calculated for the arrival of our second child is in 7 days.

Our family life is very quiet and relaxed. We don't plan anything, live each day as it comes, and it's incredibly good. The calm before the storm - this expression fits perfectly. Soon an exciting time is coming for all of us. A change for each of us, in a very individual way. From an only child to a big brother. From parents of one child to two children. From a boy's mom also to a girl's mom. Only a few days left.

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