Earn money with NONOMO®

Earn money with NONOMOAfter the birth of a baby, money is usually a little tighter than before and expenses remain the same or even increase a little.

Many mothers begin to consider, how can they possibly contribute something to the family income ...

So what makes more sense than to recommend something which is personal and good!?

Maybe you have a blog with product recommendations or you are writing about your life as a new mom?

Blog Post

For bloggers who want to write an article with their own photos and a small video about our NONOMO products, we offer a discount purchase of 20%.

How it works: If you have made a blog post online, you can send us an e-mail with a link to kontakt@nonomo.de and we will refund 20% of the purchase price to your account.

Affiliate Program

With our affiliate program you can earn up to 10% referral fee.
Simply write an article about your experience with our NONOMO babyhammock and send your links to our online shop with your personal affiliate ID.

So set up an account and send your application to kontakt@nonomo.de