NONOMO Halloween Giveaway

NONOMO Halloween Gewinnspiel

Tonight is the night
When pumpkins stare
Through sheaves and leaves
When ghouls and ghost
And goblin host
Dance round their queen.
It’s Halloween.

Win a NONOMO® Baby Hammock -premium-

How to participate:

You have to find all 3 hidden pumpkins on and click on them. Fill all your data in the form that is going to appear, when you have found every pumpkin.
Like us on facebook and comment, why you want to win our NONOMO® Baby Hammock.

Our hints

  • Hint 1: The Start-Page is always a good starting point
  • Hint 2: Have youalready visited our FAQ about the baby hammock?
  • Hint 3: What product can you win?
NONOMO Halloween Gewinnspiel