Hammock as a great solution to many parental problems.

image of physiotherapist for children sarah Steinemann

Sarah Steinemann, a physiotherapist for children, recommends the usage of a baby hammock.

Young parents have many challenges to face with. Usually, they are exhausted and feel lost when their new born cries a lot or sleeps fitfully. Sarah Steinemann, a physiotherapist for children living in Barnstorf, deals with sucklings, disabled and healthy children. She is familiar with the problems of new parents every day.

Top three problems which parents have with babies

The main focus of Sarah Steinemann’s daily work is on: delaying of development, asymmetry of cranium and screaming babies suffering from colic. She stresses on clarification and general examination of problems. For instance, a baby who suffers from deceleration of development is not able to turn around or crawl.

On the other hand is an asymmetry of cranium a result of laying frequently.

“Nowadays, babies spend almost 50% of a day in a child`s car seat or laying flat on their back. By this, they have little space for moving themselves or turning around which results in an enormous pressure on their cranium. This kind of load also has an effect on the lumbar region when children are set in a child car seat.“ , the physiotherapist for children says.

Successful therapy with a baby hammock

Sarah Steinemann believes that a baby hammock is a great solution to the mentioned problems above. She gained good experiences with the product of NONOMO®. The NONOMO® hammock relieves the soft spine and distributes a baby’s weight equally. Through this, pressure points and a typical flat back-head are avoided. Another advantage is the setting in a lateral position. The physiotherapist explains: “In this moment babies bring together their hands and a corresponding eye-hand-coordination takes place. Being in a hammock is a completely different feeling than laying on thge floor because children are able to discover the stimulus of movement of the spring. ” The expert recommends the use of hammocks to parents with baby’s who suffer from colic: “Swaying soflty up and down helps a baby to relax and reduces air in its tummy. The intestinal activity is stimulated and improved by that movement. ”

Avoid stimulus satiation – nature instead of mobile

Steinemann also tried hammocks with screaming babies and rates her experience positively. “Our world is loud and full of visual stimuli which are difficult to treat for a baby. It’s really advisable to protect a baby against unnecessary stimuli. It’s far better to lay down a baby in a hammock which is fixed in the garden than to turn on a baby mobile. Your child can easily calm down while it is listening to the wind and some rustling leaves.”