This is how it all began...

The beginning

The idea of the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock originated during sleepless nights, in which the founding family was kept awake by their newborn because he simply did not want to sleep. Only through calming up-and-down movements could they calm the little one, and they recognized the useful properties of a springy baby hammock. The product's origin and the materials used played an important role. It soon became clear, however, that quality, production methods, and functionality did not always agree with the principles, so it was decided to establish their own production of the hammock.

The old variant of a feather cradle hanging in a bedroom

The own Swinging Hammock

Due to high demand and increasing popularity, the NONOMO® brand was born in summer 2010. What began as a living room production, quickly developed into a popular, recommended and trustworthy brand of Swinging Hammocks in German-speaking countries.

Baby sleeps peacefully in the old version of the swinging hammock

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