A new stand is created for the swinging hammock - in a sustainable and contemporary design. A hug has inspired the product development.

For 10 years, the NONOMO® swinging hammock has been swinging children to sleep in a relaxed way. It has already made countless parents happy. That alone would explain the success story. In combination with its timeless form and contemporary natural materials, it has already become an icon that is essential in children's rooms.

The former start-up has long since grown up. And has meanwhile carefully adapted its product and brand appearance. The demands are also growing for accessories to meet not only the function but also the stylistic quality of the hammock and its core aspects of value and sustainability.

This led to the requirement for a new stand for the NONOMO®: A design object for both kids‘ room and living space, not a purely functional aid. That was the task for product designer Jörg Mennickheim.


The design should reflect security and warmth. Solid ash wood is combined with curved tubular steel parts. Ash conveys warmth and modernity. The wood is also used for sports equipment, is very stable and elastic. The type of wood matches the object perfectly. The elegantly curved steel tubes give the frame stability and let it sit stable on 3 points. I was inspired by the gesture of a hug. Exactly in the middle the baby hangs in the hammock. It is embraced and protected by the side parts.
- Jörg Mennickheim, Product designer Sketchbook and material samples on cutting mat with centimetre grid

Not only is the design minimalistic, the structure of the stand is also very simple. It can be assembled intuitively in a short time. The suspension of the cradle works without tools. It is simply inserted into the stainless steel hook. Its own weight ensures safe locking.

The simple but very independent construction and the combination of materials make HUG a designer piece. The stand is no longer a necessary aid, but rather an object in the interior that reflects lifestyle and zeitgeist.

HUG is also an important link for the modular character of the hammock. New developments are to further expand the NONOMO® product family - away from being an isolated solution and towards an fully integrated sleeping system.

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Detail picture: Hug wooden stand - fixing the spring cradle to the hook
Detail picture: Hug wooden stand - backside of the stand with engraved NONOMO logo on wood
Detail picture: Hug wooden stand - stand from the front. The white 'legs' are visible.

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