Information about babies' health

Interview with Monika Bauer, physiotherapist and author
The physiotherapist and author Monika Bauer approves of the NONOMO baby hammock.

Experts opinion
Experts opinion about the NONOMO baby hammock.

The healthy back posture
The spine stretching of your baby takes one year before it is completed. You can support this process by carrying and laying down your baby appropriately.

Sheep's wool
The special traits of sheep's wool used in the Nonomo baby mattress.

The Moro-Reflex
Moro-Reflex is an early childhood survival reflex. Trigger of the Moro reflex is a sudden stimulus which frightens children

Swaddle tightly your child in order to prevent uncontrollable muscle twitching and makes it sleep calmly.

Hammock as a great solution to many parental problems.
Many parents feel helplessly when their new born sleeps bad or cries often. The Nonomo® can be a helper: The NONOMO spring makes your baby sleep calmly.