Information about babies' health

Interview with Monika Bauer, physiotherapist and author
The physiotherapist and author Monika Bauer is convident of the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.

Experts opinion
Experts opinion about the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.

The healthy back posture
The development of the baby`s spine takes approximately one year. This development can be supported by carrying and laying down the baby regularly.

Sheep's wool
The special traits of sheep's wool used for the NONOMO® Mattress.

The Moro-Reflex
The Moro-Reflex is an early childhood survival reflex caused by a  sudden stimulus of thread.

Swaddle your child tightly in order to prevent it from uncontrollable muscle twitches to sleep calmly.

Hammock as a great solution to many parental problems.
Some parents are confused if their new born has difficulties in falling asleep or cries very often. The NONOMO® may help: Thanks to the baby hammock and its special spring your baby is softly swayed to sleep.