Interview with Monika Bauer, physiotherapist and author

The posture in a hammock or baby hammock is excellent for the development. Baby takes up a round posture when they are lying on their back.

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In your book "Step by step into life" you recommend the baby hammock. 

Monika Bauer: Small babies have difficulty regulating their own muscle tone. Moving rhythmically helps the baby to regulate the tone and to get into a relaxed posture. In addition, babies are used to being moved rhythmically from time in the womb, for example while the mother is walking. 
Tensed babies can develop their abilities much better.

Many parents are worried about whether the posture in a baby hammock is good for their baby. What can you tell these parents from a physiotherapeutic point of view?

Monika Bauer: The posture in a hammock or baby hammock is very good for the development. The baby has a round posture in the supine position, with the back being the lowest point. This relieves the strain on the spine and does not put any strain on it. The round posture is always harmful if the baby's bottom is the lowest point and the spine is loaded in an oblique sitting posture. This is not the case in a hammock or baby hammock.

We have had the experience that rhythmic movements quickly calm even writing babies. What is this effect due to?

Monika Bauer: No baby screams because it wants to annoy the parents. In my opinion, there are also no babies who cry for no reason.
The majority of babies cry mainly in the afternoon or evening, i.e. when the stimuli of the world become too much for them.

What influence does this sensory overload have on the mood of a baby?

Monika Bauer: Our world today is very noisy and full of optical stimuli, which the little baby cannot process at all. Especially babies in the adaptation period (the first 8 weeks) need shielding from these stimuli.

Monika Bauer Physiotherapist Baby Course

Think that the low irritation, shielded environment of the baby hammock is helpful here?

Monika Bauer: We know that by rocking and moving rhythmic, a filter mechanism is activated in the brain that reduces the stimuli of the world. Therefore, many writing babies are helped when they are rocked and moved. Of course one should also always search for the other causes (KISS problem, pain, environmental smog....)


Monika Bauer, author of the book "Step by step into life: Babys wunderbarer Weg zum Laufen" has been working as a physiotherapist for over 30 years.

She already decided to specialize in child therapy during her training at the Spastikerzentrum in Munich.

For 20 years she has been running her practice in Schongau, where she offers various courses for both children and adults.

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