Is the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock safe regarding the

Fragen und Antworten

Experts recommend laying a baby on its back in a low-polluted and smoke free surrounding while sleeping. While sleeping your baby should not wear a headdress, also the sleeping place should be free of pillows and plush toys and never use a blanket. Also, the sleeping-place should be in the close vicinity of the parents, but not in the parental bed. Our NONOMO® offers your baby this secure sleeping-place. The variable ceiling fixture enables your baby to always be close to you. So you are always aware of the healthy condition and the constant breathing of your child. The sheeps wool mattress ensures the exchange of temperature and humidity and protects your baby from overheating which means you don't need a blanket or headdress. Due to the ergonomical shape of the NONOMO® the babies head is a little elevated which makes a pillow unnecessary. Also your baby lays in the recommended suspine position. Due to the optimal distribution of the weight a flat reverse of the head is being avoided. Contaminants which can be found inside foam mattresses or crib bumpers are believed to be the trigger for sudden child death. Pillows, plush toys and crib bumpers could block nose or mouth and emit such contaminants and should definitely be avoided.