Loving life.
What could be nicer than enjoying the time together with your baby? Rediscover the world, you and yourselves? Gather new experiences together? Share - with your family and friends?

In our magazine, we want to inspire you with stories and ideas from people who inspire us and show us family life in all its facets.

Design the baby room: practical & cosy

Designing your baby's room is exciting! The little new citizen of the world is often still in mummy's tummy, but should arrive into a beautiful home and have a place that[...]

Getting ready for summer

We can finally see the sun in the sky more often and feel its pleasant warmth on our skin. Summer is a joy! However, it can quickly change from warm to boiling hot. This also[...]

Our types of mattresses

All important information about our polyester, sheep wool, and kapok mattresses.

Understanding early anger of babies

Even young children can become angry in certain situations. Where does the anger come from? For parents, the main question is: What is my child trying to tell me?

Leaving Takatuka

Our swinging hammock on a sailing trip: NONOMO set sail with family Lübeck and joined Katrin, Markus and Baby Luis on their adventure: with the sailboat to the island!

German Design Award for NONOMO

The swinging hammock not only convinces parents and babies functionally, but is also more and more becoming a style object. NONOMO is setting standards and has now been[...]

Breastfeeding in public

The motto of this year's World Breastfeeding Week is "Empowering parents for breastfeeding"


A new stand is created for the swinging hammock - in a sustainable and contemporary design. A hug has inspired the product development.

Your Christmas traditions

We asked you: What are your Christmas traditions? Have you adopted the traditions of your own childhood or are you making your own?

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