Leaving Takatuka

Our swinging hammock on a sailing trip: NONOMO set sail with family Lübeck and joined Katrin, Markus and Baby Luis on their adventure: with the sailboat to the island!

The Lübeck family heads off to sea

A life at sea, for some the ultimate dream of freedom. Just get out for a while and sail the waters with a boat. Here today, there tomorrow. Discover ports, cities, countries and people, and life on the seas.

Katrin and Markus have lived the dream and spent a sabbatical year on their 10 meter sailing yacht "Herr Nilsson" between the North Sea and the Azores. But now an additional passenger is coming on board: Baby Luis is to go on the grand cruise. Can the plan with child be implemented in the same way?

NONOMO® set sail with the Lübecks and joined the little family on their adventure: Leaving Takatuka!

Sailboat at berth
Family Lübeck stands on the sailboat and looks into the camera Frau Lübeck with baby are on the sailboat and look through the open cabin door

Leaving Takatuka online

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