NONOMO® Kapok Mattress for Toddler Swinging Hammock - natural

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  • Bag: 100% Bio-Cotton, GOTS certified
  • Filling: 100% Kapok - breathable natural fiber
  • Washable at 30°C, Filling: suitable for tumble drying
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The NONOMO® Kapok-Mattress

The mattress made of kapok is wonderfully soft and fluffy - not for nothing is the natural fibre also called plant down. At the same time, kapok is 100% vegan. The mattress is simply pushed into the pocket at the bottom of the hammock. There it always stays in place and is additionally protected from dirt.

Delivery scope:

  • 1 Washable mattress - stuffed with kapok


ATTENTION! Please read the washing instructions thoroughly and keep them with you!!!

Care and washing instructions for your new kapok mattress:

You can air your kapok mattress very well outside.If washing is unavoidable, the kapok mattress can be washed at 30°C in the washing machine. Make sure to use enzyme-free detergent without fabric softener.

After having washed the mattress, it is mandatory to dry the mattressin a dryer for minimum 2 –3 hours. We recommend to put minimum 4 tennis balls inside the dryer. The tennis balls keep the kapok moving and prevents of clumping. The kapok filling material will distribute evenly in the mattress.

Stains on the mattress canbe cleaned easily with warm water. Then wipe with a dry cloth and put in the dryer if necessary. Enjoy your mattress!

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Characteristics and properties

  • Fabric:
    100% cotton (organic)
  • Colour:
  • Lying surface:
    110 cm x 40 cm
  • Stuffing mattress:
    100% kapok
  • Care instructions:
    Delicates 30°, Suitable for tumble drying (ideally with 4 tennis balls)
  • Shipping weight:
    0,21 kg

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The product must not be used until the instructions have been read!

Safety information

  • WARNING! - Stop using the product as soon as the child can sit or kneel or pull itself up
  • WARNING! - Do not place additional items (e.g. toys, pillows?) in the product;
  • WARNING! - Do not place the product close to another product, which could present a danger of suffocation or strangulation, e.g. strings, blind/curtain cords, etc
  • WARNING! - Do not use more than one mattress in the product.
  • All components of the swinging hammock must always be properly attached and checked that they are in proper, faultless condition before each use.
  • Check the load capacity of the eye screw.
  • If there is any damage or a defect in the NONOMO® products or parts are missing, they must no longer be used under any circumstance. All individual parts are available as spare parts.
  • Small individual parts (swivel, snap hooks) are parts that could be swallowed and should never be left lying around loose.
  • Never leave your child unattended. Small children and pets should not play unattended nearby when the baby is lying in the swinging hammock.
  • Never hang the swinging hammock near an open fire or other heat sources such as radiators, gas ovens, etc.
  • NONOMO® products are only suitable for use indoors and in dry environments. Please do not leave the NONOMO® outdoors overnight.
  • As soon as your child is able to stand up independently, you should stay as close as possible. Hang the swinging hammock just above the floor and place a blanket, pillow or mattress under the NONOMO®.
  • Always ensure that there is sufficient space.
  • Stop using the swinging hammock as soon as your child can sit without assistance.
  • A hammock replaces neither cradle nor bed. Your child should be placed in a suitable cradle or bed, if it has to sleep.
  • The child may get injured if the amplitude of the swing is excessive (e.g. the child may hit the crib frame, or the crib may hit other furniture);
  • Suspended cribs may pose risks to other children;
  • Other children may pose additional risks (e.g. by swinging the crib excessively);
  • Uneven surfaces can cause instability of the product;
  • Locate suspended cribs in such a way that there is no risk of swing impact (e.g. no risk of the child hitting the crib frame, or the crib hitting other furniture).

Assembly instructions

  • IMPORTANT: The NONOMO® is neither a swing nor gymnastic or play equipment.
  • The NONOMO® Swinging Hammocks Baby and Baby Basic are suitable for babies and toddlers up to 15 kg/33 lbs (approx. 2-2.5 years).
  • The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock for twins is suitable for babies with a maximum total weight of 15 kg/33 lbs, which corresponds to an age of approximately 6 months.
  • The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock for toddlers is suitable for up to a maximum of 30 kg/66 lbs.
  • Never use the NONOMO® special spring without a safety rope and swivel.
  • Always ensure that the safety rope is attached underneath the hammock using the snap hook, and that the safety rope is not obstructed.
  • Use only original NONOMO® spare parts and accessories (e.g. stands, door frame clamps).
  • When using the ceiling mount, the NONOMO® should be mounted no more than 40 cm above the floor.
  • The loose end of the extension chain should be safely stowed in the provided chain bag so that it is out of the reach of children.
  • The straps for fixing the spreader bar (not with the BASIC version) should be fixed securely with a double knot so that it is out of the reach of children.
  • Before each use, please make sure that the chain is safely stowed away and the straps of the spreader bar are securely knotted and out of the reach of your child.