NONOMO® XL Hammock Midi 10-20 kg

Category: XL for toddlers

Item number: 1077-1020


  • Stuffing mattress: 100% Sheep`s wool
  • Age of the child: From 80 cm
  • Length of spring (unstretched): 29 cm
  • Lying surface: 100 cm x 40 cm
  • Size of wooden stick: 49 cm x 5 cm x 1,5 cm
  • Care instructions: Machine wash at 30 degrees, Mattress: dry cleaning
  • Loadability: 10-20 kg
  • Colour: Nature
  • Material: 100% cotton
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XL - Hammock NONOMO®


  • successor model for everybody who loves the NONOMO® Baby Hammock
  • for children with a weight between 10 kg and 20 kg
  • child can still sleep in its familiar environment and enjoy swaying
  • a fully-fledged sleeping place for infants
  • flexible, light and handy
  • reinforced spring, swings from 10 kg load
  • detachable ring
  • spreader bar, FSC certified, with closable strings, darkly oiled
  • four convenient snap hooks
  • mattress bag at the bottom of hammock protects sheep wool from dirt or slipping


Scope of delivery

  • baby hammock made of 100% cotton; unbleached
  • mattress filled with pure sheep's wool, quilted thrice
  • proprietary spring for the NONOMO® Hammock, including cloth cover for spring
  • detachable ring 
  • spreader bar, FSC certified, with closable cords, darkly oiled
  • four convenient snap hooks
  • 1 meter chain for easy height adjustment
  • chain bag
  • safe eyebolt: Ø 8 mm
  • dowel for ceiling installation
  • assembly instructions
  • 1x ceiling mount set
Stands and door clamps may not be used with the NONOMO® XL (Mini, Midi, Maxi).

For a longer use

Especially older children (up to 20 kg) can have much more fun with the NONOMO® XL Hammock! The hanging cradle is a full-fledged sleeping place. Children can enjoy the benefits of the NONOMO® Hammock and don't need to accustom themselves to a new and alien sleeping environment. Place the hammock for your infant right above the ground to use it as a relaxing furniture. 

Am I able to buy the XL hammock right away even for a newborn?

No. The spring of the XL hammock is especially made for heavier and larger children from 80 cm body size. The XL hammock doesn't sway adequately when you lay a newborn inside the hammock. Besides, the lying place is too large for a baby. It can't keep a suckling in the proper and healthy back posture. And the breathing of your baby could be influenced negatively by the size of the mattress.

Note: The unrefined cotton can shrink up to 10% at first wash.



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assembly instructions

assembly instructions


Safety instructions for NONOMO® XL Hammock Midi 10-20 kg:

  • Never use the spring without the safety rope. Make sure that the safety rope is connected to the spring safety hook above and below the spring and that the safety rope is not blocked at all.
  • Never expose the NONOMO® XL Hammock to open fire or direct heat, e.g. furnaces, heaters etc.
  • Never leave your child unattended in the NONOMO® XL Hammock.
  • Caution! Never let the Baby sleep in the abdominal or lateral Position inside the NONOMO®. The NONOMO® may only be used in the supine position.
  • Hang up the baby hammock approx. 30 cm above the floor.
  • The NONOMO® XL Hammock is suitable for infants and toddlerswith a weight of 10-20 kg and From 80 cm.
  • Stands, Wall mounts and door clamps are not suitable for the NONOMO® XL (Mini, Midi, Maxi).
  • Keep components out of children's reach they can cause choking hazard. Before assembly, check parts for their proper condition.
  • Do not continue using NONOMO® XL Hammock after noticing damage or irregularity!
  • A hammock is neither a toy nor a gymnastic apparatus!
  • Never leave children unattended near the NONOMO® XL Hammock especially when a baby is inside!
  • The spring can cause some mechanical noises if circumstances like temperature or humidity change. Those noises are completely harmless according to the safety of the spring.