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All important information about our polyester, sheep wool, and kapok mattresses.

In order that your baby to slumber restfully and lie healthily in our swinging hammock, it is necessary to have a high-quality mattress. We offer polyester, sheep wool, and kapok mattresses. All three variants are characterized by specific properties and advantages, which are presented in more detail below.

polyester mattress

A baby mattress with polyester filling offers your darling a high lying comfort. It is neither too soft nor too hard. With it, you can bed your darling like on clouds! But what kind of material is it?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that has played a significant role in textile manufacturing for many years. We find it not only in T-shirts, sportswear but also in bedding. It is no wonder that the fiber is extremely friendly and kind to skin. Furthermore, it is very durable, dimensionally stable, and easy-care. Despite its impressive durability, it has only a low self-weight. The synthetic fiber provides a wonderfully soft and fine feeling on the skin. Another great advantage is that the fiber can absorb moisture, support air circulation, and is consequently breathable. This prevents your baby from excessive sweating and makes him feel completely comfortable. All in all, a polyester mattress is an excellent but also affordable choice.

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polyester mattress filling
  • especially skin-friendly
  • durable
  • easy-care
  • moisture absorption
  • breathable
  • inexpensive

kapok mattress

Kapok is a natural fiber, which was forgotten for a little while, but is now making a comeback, especially in the mattress segment.

Being known as “plant down” (the colloquial name), it is characterized by many advantages. Kapok is a very fluffy and voluminous fiber obtained from the seed of the tropical kapok tree, a mighty tree that can be up to 75 meters in height and over 500 years old. Because kapok fibers are hollow inside, they are considered the lightest natural textile fibers in the world. Their properties are remarkable: kapok is covered by a natural wax layer; thus, it cannot absorb water. Instead, the fiber transfers the moisture, helping to regulate the sleeping climate. As a result, your baby enjoys a warm cozy feeling in winter, and on the other hand, in summer, when the temperature is high, the kapok mattress keeps him/her cool and comfortable while lying. Last but not least, if you value sustainability, kapok is the right choice for you, as the tree is ideal for reforestation in the rainforest.

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kapok mattress filling
  • fluffy, voluminous fiber
  • light natural textile fiber
  • sleeping climate regulation
  • moisture transfer
  • sustainable

sheep wool mattress

Similar to kapok fiber, sheep wool also possesses many amazing capabilities. The fiber is obtained by sheep shearing; hence, the animals are not harmed in the process. For the sheep, their wool acts as a kind of “functional clothing”, which protects them from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. This temperature balancing effect is also offered by the sheep wool mattress, which helps your little one to enjoy a perfect sleeping climate all year round. All the possible moisture would be absorbed and then released to the outside.

In addition, sheep wool owns odor-resistant properties, as it removes fungi and bacteria from the breeding ground and neutralizes acids. Moreover, thanks to its natural capillary effect, the dirt would be automatically transported to the surface by the natural capillary action when the mattress is shaken out. Besides, the sheep wool mattress should not be washed, because by washing, the lanolin, i.e., the natural wool fat, would be rinsed out of the fiber, and it would lose its valuable properties consequently. Therefore, occasional airing is sufficient for sheep wool mattresses.

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sheep wool mattress filling
  • sleeping climate regulation
  • absorbs moisture and releases it to the outside
  • odor-resistant properties
  • natural capillary effect
  • not washable

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Mattress size

Baby and toddler

A mattress in baby size and one for toddlers can be seen in comparison. The variant for toddlers is significantly larger

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