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NONOMO® Baby Hammock -premium- | organic cotton

mostly satisfied

My baby seems to sleep well in this hammock, however, I don't feel comfortable with the fact that he has his chin down his chest and doesn't look like he can turn his head as easily as he would in a bed... But I think I am just a worried new parent and this doesn't stop me from using it. Plus, I really love the fact that bouncing the hammock up and down really soothes the baby and even gets him to is kind of magical! Overall I am satisfied with this product, and it is great quality, is very comfortable. My son is one month old and has been sleeping in it since birth, I have now to see how convenient it remains when he gets a bit older and a bit more mobile...


NONOMO® Swaddle

mixed feelings...

I bought the swaddle aid for my newborn child and after using it a couple of times, here is what I think about it: the main «con» is the noise made by the Velcro straps, which startles my baby when he's asleep. They are convenient but loud. Usually my son has a good sleep in it, but since I got home from the clinic, I hesitate using it in the baby hammock because it looks like he can't move his head to the side well enough. But it might just look that way, I am not sure. All in all, I would recommend it, because it is very easy to use and the baby looks quiet and safe in it. I am just not sure about the combination with the nonomo hammock.