Rent a NONOMO®

Are you still not sure if the NONOMO® is the right solution for you? Our rental service makes it easy for you to test the NONOMO® before the purchase. Here you can find all the details for renting the NONOMO®.

NONOMO risk-free shopping – this means that you have the option of testing the NONOMO over a period of four weeks. You only have to pay a small rental fee and a deposit.

If, at the end of the four weeks rental period, you decide to keep the NONOMO the rental fee and the deposit will be settled against the purchase price. Compared to an immediate purchase there won´t be any extra costs. In case you decide to return the NONOMO we only charge the rental fee and refund the deposit.

How long can I rent a product?

You can keep the rented products for an unlimited period of time. The first charge is for a 4 weeks rent.
We charge the following fees for each additional week:

  • NONOMO® Swinging Hammock Baby
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Swinging Hammock Toddler
    15,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Swinging Hammock Twins
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Door Frame Clamp
    5,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Stand -basic-
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Stand -design-
    15,00 EUR per week

When do you have to send the rented items back?

You have to send the rented items back four weeks after their reception. Take a look at the day you received your products to regard the renting period.

For example: If you received the products on a Monday, you should ship them back four weeks later on Monday.

Is it possible to send back the rented items earlier than after 4 weeks?

If you want to send back the rented item earlier than after 4 weeks, nevertheless we deduct the whole rental charge for 4 weeks.

Offer your baby some time to arrange with the new sleeping situation. Let your baby test the NONOMO® in different moods and at different times of the day. Most of all babys are impressed after some time and dont`t want to be without the NONOMO® anymore.

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