Rent a NONOMO®

Are you still unsure whether the NONOMO® fits into your life? With our rental service we make it easy for you to test the NONOMO® first. Rent a NONOMO® - that means you can test your swinging hammock extensively for four weeks and then decide whether you

For the rental we only ship new products. So if you keep the NONOMO® after the four weeks, you have no disadvantage compared to an immediate


How does the rental work?

We offer our complete sets Baby Classic, Toddler and Twin for rent, as well as the the door frame clamp and our Basic and Design stands.

Simply select the products of your choice and click on "rent" under the "add to cart" button. For self-configured hammocks, we can unfortunately not offer the rent.


How much is the rent?

The price of the rental goods consists of a rental fee and a deposit (which you get back if you return the rental goods). The rental fee and deposit make up the actual purchase price. If you keep the NONOMO®, you have no additional costs compared to a regular purchase.

Prices rental products (incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping)

Swinging Hammocks

Baby Classic
Toddler Classic
Twin Classic
Rental Fee   45 €   50 €   65 €
Caution 150 € 180 € 250 €
Total 195 € 230 € 315 €


Door frame clamp
Basic stand
Design stand
Rental Fee  10 €   69 €   79 €
Caution  20 € 100 € 150 €
Total  30 € 169 € 229 €

I would like to keep the NONOMO®.

If you decide to keep your NONOMO after the rental period, simply fill out this form. The purchase price is completely settled with the rental fee and deposit.


I would like to return the NONOMO®

If you do not want to keep the NONOMO®, send it back to us 4 weeks after receipt, well packed and with sufficient postage.

The goods will then be checked by us and if everything is complete, you will receive a notification by mail and the deposit will be transferred back within 14 days, so that you will only have paid the rental fee.


Can I rent the NONOMO® for longer than four weeks?

You can rent the NONOMO® for an unlimited time. The first rental fee is for a rental period of 4 weeks. For each additional week or part thereof, we charge the following fees:

  • NONOMO® Baby Classic
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Toddler Classic
    15,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Twins Classic
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Door frame clamp
    5,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Basic stand
    10,00 EUR per week
  • NONOMO® Design stand
    15,00 EUR per week

Can I return the rented items earlier?

If you want to return the rented items earlier, you will still be charged the rental fees for 4 weeks.

Give your baby some time to get used to the new situation. Not every baby is enthusiastic at the first try. Try again and again at different times of the day and in different moods of your baby. Most babies are happy after a short time and you can't imagine your everyday life without your NONOMO®.