Scope of delivery

When you order the NONOMO® Baby Hammock premium, everything you need in order to get started is included! No additional items are required.

  • travel bag for easy transportation (100% cotton)
  • baby hammock of 100% untreated cotton
  • mattress filled with natural sheep’s wool
  • proprietary spring for the NONOMO® Baby Hammock
  • cover for the spring (100% cotton)
  • spreader bar from FSC-certified wood
  • four snaphooks
  • screw-lock snaphook
  • 1 meter of chain
  • solid eyebolt Ø 8 mm
  • dowel for concrete ceillings
  • owner's manual

Additional parts, such as door clamp (not included) or stands (not included) give you the option to set up the NONOMO® without drilling a single hole.This is perfect when you are visiting friends or are on vacation. Check it out at our shop!

Scope of delivery of the nonomo baby hammock