Sheep wool alleviates three-month colics

The special traits of sheep's wool used in the Nonomo baby mattress. Our Grandmothers used to access sheep wool as an antidote to many pains.

Sheep’s wool facts

Since the year one the healing effect of sheep`s wool is known. Even our grannies used sheep`s wool to heal different kinds of complaints. There is a lot of wool grease inside the wool – the so called Lanolin. Lanolin is known as healing, antiphlogistic and regenerating. It is a secretion which is produced by the oil gland of sheep during the growth of the wool. You can buy sheep`s wool under the name of healing wool as well.

100% sheep’s wool

Lanolin is around each hair like a protective coat and works like a natural barrier against humidity and coldness. Moreover, it accumulates the body heat. Due to this fact, it does not need to be warmed up artificially.

This natural product warms up independently and can help to avoid overheating as well. Its wool fibres are inherently curly with lot of airy space between themselves. Because air is a bad heat conductor, hence, the body heat is passing on badly. Thus, sheep's wool keeps warm in winter, in summer it cools in a natural way.

Self-cleaning aspect of sheep`s wool:

Sheep's wool has a natural, self-cleaning property. Soilings are carried to by the capillary effect of the fibers the surface and can be shaken off simply. Hence, "whitewashing" is not necessary. Moreover, sheep's wool assumes no odour, so that even urine cannot do harm to it.

Moreover, wool offers no fertile soil for germs and bacteria.

Cleaning instruction:

Thanks to its natural properties, sheep's wool offers no fertile soil for germs and bacteria. Hence, it is not necessary to wash the mattress.

Just lay it outside on sunny days. The mattress safes approx. 30 - 40% of air humidity in the morning. Afterwards, it gets dried again by the sun. So, soilings coming to the surface by the capillary effect can be shaken off easily.

The mattress should not be dried near by the heating or with a hairdryer!

The mattress can also be cleaned chemically. Please note, however, thus all positive properties of the sheep's wool get lost!

Sheep's wool with bed-wetting babies:

Sheep's wool is the perfect base for babies who are not dry, yet. If the mattress becomes wet, dry it simply in the open air. Then you can shake off the soilings. Even if your child wets its bed repeatedly, the mattress does not take any odour.