Sleep Consultancy

The nightmare of all parents - you have been looking forward to the addition to your family for nine months but, instead of enjoying your new family happiness, your thoughts revolve around how to get your little one to sleep. However, not every baby is the same. In our sleep consultation, we share different approaches, as well as expert and parent recommendations with you. These will help you to concentrate on the incredibly beautiful moments with your child. 

Sleep Myths

Preview: Schlafmythen

There's hardly any subject that's been the subject of so many myths as sleep. What is good for your baby, what is right? And which expectations are realistic? Here, baby sleep expert Anna Recklies cleans up with old wives' tales and myths about baby sleep Read article

This can help!

Preview: Das kann helfen

As parents of a screaming baby, you have probably already tried a lot of things. Here, we summarise the different approaches that can help, and which really work. Read article

Proper sleep (falling asleep properly)

Preview: Richtig (Ein-)Schlafen

Sleep is important, healthy, and good for us. But how do you get proper sleep? Read article

Why sleep is so important

Preview: Warum Schlaf so wichtig ist

Sleeping is healthy and promotes children's development. Read article

The Moro-Reflex

Preview: Der Moro-Reflex

Moro Reflex is an early childhood survival reflex. Trigger of the Moro reflex is a sudden stimulus which frightens children Read article