NONOMO® DreamTree Smartphone-App

The free Smartphone-App with sounds to ease falling asleep for your baby

DreamTree Smartphone-App with

The NONOMO® Dream Tree app helps your child to fall asleep! Many babies are calmed down by monotonous sounds like the noise of a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner, the washing machine or the kitchen hood.

Play-back sounds enable your child to fall asleep while you are using your smartphone for other things (press home-button). Regulate the volume of the NONOMO® sounds with the help of your volume control and adjust the noise to your baby's needs.

You can find more information about how a baby sleeps quietly inside the NONOMO® Baby Hammock or with the help of the NONOMO® Swaddle.

NONOMO® wishes you several silent nights!

NONOMO DreamTree App mit Einschlafgeräuschen für Android
NONOMO DreamTree App mit Einschlafgeräuschen für iOS - iPhone - iPad