NONOMO® Footprint

We all leave our footprints on this world. Together, let's try to make our footprint as ecological as possible. #nonomofootprint

Federwiege an einem Baum befestigt. Sehr viel grüne Natur.

Organic Cotton

The textile industry's share of environmental pollution and climate impact is enormous. That is why we focus on sustainable materials. For our fabrics we use only cotton from controlled organic cultivation (organic cotton). Water consumption in cultivation is significantly lower than conventional crops here. Chemical pesticides and genetic engineering are prohibited.


Plastics? Ciao!

Packaging protects our products during transport and thus keeps them hygienic - we cannot ship anything without it.

What we can try to do is to minimize the impact of packaging on our environment. The plastic bags used at NONOMO® so far will be gradually replaced by recyclable cardboard boxes. For less plastic waste and environmental impact.

Nothing gets lost here!

One problem of online retailing with a massive environmental impact is the high volume of returns. With rental products and test packages, we want to make it easier for our customers to find the right product right from the start. If returns do occur, NONOMO® does not destroy them, but refurbishes them and offers them as second choice items at a reduced price.

Further information

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