Let's plant trees together!

Stop talking - start planting. The Plant-for-the-Planet initiative plants billions of trees worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions. And NONOMO is in - together with you!

"Let's plant a million trees in every country on Earth!"

The Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative started in 2007 with this vision. In the meantime, the goal is even to do 1,000 billion trees worldwide. In 2011 the United Nations Environment Programme has handed over the traditional 'Billion Trees Campaign' to Plant-for-the-Planet. And with it the official world tree counter.

First Movers can inspire others

Many children with Plant-for-the-Planet T-shirts stand together.
Children's Conference in Germany, 2017. Credit: Plant-for-the-Planet

More and more people, organisations and companies are working to reduce their CO2 emissions. Whatever is left over can be offset by reforestation. We at NONOMO want to join in and do our bit in the fight against the climate crisis. And this is how it works: for every NONOMO set baby with polyester mattress natural sold, Plant-for-the-Planet will plant a new tree for us. In addition, another EUR will go to the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy to make children ambassadors for climate justice. Our goal: 4,000 trees in the next 12 months. Let's start a chain reaction and close the climate gap together!

Many young green trees that are growing
Planting project on the Yucatán Peninsula. Join in and plant trees at plant-for-the-planet.org

Climate neutrality is the future

Plant-for-the-Planet plants their own tree every 15 seconds on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. And motivate others to participate: in their own academy project, children around the world are trained to become ambassadors for climate justice. Over 88,000 ambassadors in 74 countries already inspire others to plant trees.

Trees are the cheapest and most effective measure to bind CO2 and thus buy time for humaity in the climate crisis. If mankind succeeds in planting 1,000 billion trees, initial estimates suggest that they will be able to extract around a quarter of man-made CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

More about Plant-for-the-Planet: visit website

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