Baby Hammock

Baby Hammock XL

0 to approx. 2.5 years (up to 80cm)

from 2.5 years (from 80cm)

Up to 15 kg

Mini (3-15kg), Midi (10-20kg),
Maxi (15-30kg)

Door clamp avail­able

door clamp not avail­able

Use of stand poss­ible

Use of stand not poss­ible

Use of wall bracket possible

Use of wall bracket not possible

Lying surface: 85cm x 35cm

Lying surface: 100cm x 40cm

Due to the ergonomically correct round-back position, which is the default of the baby hammock, your baby will assume the fetal position while sleeping and therefore it needs much less space. Even with a body length longer then 85 cm or 100 cm respectively, your baby is still in good hands inside the NONOMO.