Foto von Angela Koszewa

Angela Koszewa

Foto von Robin Koszewa

Robin Koszewa

Foto von Tina Schweizer

Tina Schweizer
Assistent of Management | full-time

Tina supports the management with the realization of new product ideas. She controlls the whole production flow and makes sure that we are able to present our new products to you regularly and in time.

Languages: German, English & Spanish

Foto von Soner Kiran

Soner Kiran
Production Manager Turkey | full-time

Soner is our production manager in Turkey and in charge of quality management. He assures the high quality of the NONOMO® Baby Hammock you expect.

Languages: German, English & Turkish

Foto von Sascha Vetter

Sascha Vetter
Account Department | full-time

Sascha takes care of all invoices and the accounting. He checks your incoming payments to prepare the shipping.

Languages: German & English

Foto von Nadine Staudt

Nadine Staudt
Chief Warehouse Officer | full-time

Nadine is responsible for shipping and logistics management. She makes sure that we always have enough goods in stock and that every process works smoothly.

Languages: German & English

Foto von My Nhung Heisterkamp

My Nhung Heisterkamp
Warehouse and Shipping | full-time

My Nhung is accountable for our warehouse and delivery departement. In cooperation with Nadine she controls the receipt of goods and the secures the quality control.

Languages: Vietnamese, English & German

Foto von Alexander Prinz

Alexander Prinz
Webdesign and Development / Graphic Design | full-time

Alex creates all graphics for all our social media posts on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, for our flyers and brochures. He is also responsible for the web development of our company.

Languages: German, English & Russian

Foto von Stefan Airoaie

Stefan Airoaie
Product Photographer and Graphic Designer | full-time

Stefan is competent for the pictorial design and packshots of our company. He draws attention to our products and ensures that only high quality pictures are published on our website.

Languages: Romanian, English & German

Foto von Martina Spiegelbauer

Martina Spiegelbauer
Trainee | full-time

Martina is our trainee for office management since 2014. She supports the whole team at all levels.

Languages: German & English

Foto von Jessica Thier

Jessica Thier
Online-Marketing | full-time

Jessica is taking care of the analysis and evaluation of our online-performances. She is responsible for the maintenance and optimization of the promotions on social media and different search engines.

Languages: German, English, Spanish & Dutch

Foto von Sergkei Kournosenkov

Sergkei Kournosenkov
IT - Webdesign and Development | full-time

Sergkei is our software developer. He develops and optimizes the webpages and applications for iOS and Android operating systems, he is the one who administrates our merchandise management system and takes care of the entire internal system.

Languages: English, Greek & Russian

Foto von Vasilis Kakavitsis

Vasilis Kakavitsis
IT | full-time

Vasilis is our software engineer. He is the one for the design and the optimization of our websites and our apps with iOS and Andriod system softwares. 

Languages: Greek, English, German

Foto von Erez Simon

Erez Simon
IT-Trainee | full-time

Erez is our IT trainee. He supports Sergkei and Alex while programming and developping our websites, our apps, while programming our merchandise management system and takes care of all the internal systems.  

Languages: German, English & Hebrew

Foto von Maren Senft

Maren Senft
Backoffice | Part-time

Mainly Maren is responsible for the translation of our product desciptions into English. On demand she takes care of parts of administration and customer communication in English or French. Because of her wide variety background she`s doing projects in different departments.

Languages: German, Englisch, Spanish & French

Foto von Anika Jacobsen

Anika Jacobsen
Accounting and Return Management | part-time

Anika ist part of the accounting team. Furthermore, she`s responsible for the documentation of all returns.

Languages: German & English

Foto von Melanie Pähler

Melanie Pähler
Account Department | part-time

Melanie is part of our account department. She takes care of received payments and the accounting of customers.

Languages: German

Foto von Bianca Fries

Bianca Fries
Shipping and Logistics | part-time

Bianca ensures that your orders are sent to you quickly and completely. She also checks whether all products fulfil our high quality standards.

Languages: German

Foto von Denise Krämer

Denise Krämer
Shipping and Logistics | part-time

Denise is one of the workmates of Bianca. She prepares the shipments. Of course, she also checks whether all products fulfil the high quality standards.

Languages: German

Foto von Ertan Mehmed

Ertan Mehmed
Shipping and Logistics | full-time

Ertan is the right hand of Nadine. He prepares the shipping, takes care of the goods received and the preparation of bulk orders. He is the last one who checks the quality of our products. No product gets into stock if Ertan does not give his o.k..

Languages: Turkish & English

Foto von Seyhan Mehmed

Seyhan Mehmed
Shipping | full-time

Seyhan is the one who controlls our products to secure the quality standard. He is also responsible for the preparation for shipment.

Languages: Bulgarian & Turkish

Foto von Shimrit Simon

Shimrit Simon
Shipping and Logistics | full-time

Shimrit supports the whole team of our warehouse. She prepares the products for delivery and checks the quality again.

Languages: Hebrew & English

Foto von Sandra Wolf

Sandra Wolf
Shipping and Logistics | part-time

Sandra is also a member of our warehouse team. She prepares the shipping, ensuring each order is complete.

Languages: German

Foto von Gyuner Beytula

Gyuner Beytula
Warehouse and Shipping | full-time

Gyuner supports our warehouse team and shipping department. He checks whether all products fulfil the high quality standards.

Languages: Turkish, Bulgarian & Russian

Foto von Erol Hyusein

Erol Hyusein
Warehouse | full-time

Erol supports our shipping department and is part of our warehouse team. He also takes care of the high quality standards. 

Languages: Turkish, Bulgarian, English & Russian

Foto von Nicole Kohlmeyer

Nicole Kohlmeyer
Facility Management | part-time

When Nicole is around mop, vacuum and co. are not safe. We would be totally lost without her. In between she keeps us happy with her amazing humor.

Languages: German