The NONOMO® Values

Naturalness, fairness and safety are our cornerstones for a sustainable swinging hammock.


We place particular value on natural and ecological materials in the production of the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock, which is why it is made of 100% untreated organic cotton. In addition to the synthetic fiber variant, there is a NONOMO® mattress made of pure sheep's wool. This has self-cleaning properties. The natural lanolin contained in the sheep's wool absorbs hardly any bacteria and also has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. With the plant fiber Kapok, there is also a natural and vegan mattress available.

Close up of cotton boll


Fair, honest, and transparent. This is our claim to quality, function, and appearance. We already meet this requirement in our manufacturer selection. Of course, it goes without saying that when choosing a manufacturing site, we ensure that child labor is rejected and that the workers are employed in compliance with all national and international regulations!

Happy family with baby


When it comes to your baby, we make no compromises. And for this reason, safety is also a top priority at NONOMO®. Because your baby's safety is especially important to us!

Spring with safety rope and spring cover


All NONOMO® components consist primarily of renewable and recyclable raw materials. In this way, our environment and natural resources are protected.

Wooden spreader bar of the swinging hammock

Social Awareness

For us, living sustainably and consciously also means doing good and being socially involved. At NONOMO®, the well-being of the little ones is our top priority.

To see that we can make some little hearts happy with our NONOMO® Swinging Hammocks is so wonderful. That's why we support the children's hospitals and hospices of the Toni Kroos Stiftung with our swinging hammocks to create moments of relaxation and security.

Close up of Toni Kroos foundation swinging hammock

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