Values and Philosophy

Based on our great respect for people and our environment, we develop products which you feel comfortable about and designs which you like to surround yourself with.


We place particular value on natural and ecological materials in the production of the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock, which is why it is made of 100% untreated organic cotton.
Our range also includes the NONOMO® mattress made with pure sheep's wool. This has self-cleaning properties. The natural lanolin contained in the sheep's wool hardly absorbs bacteria and has an additional healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Nahaufnahme einer Baumwollkapsel


Fair, honest, and transparent. This is our claim to quality, function, and appearance. We already meet this requirement in our manufacturer selection. Of course, it goes without saying that when choosing a manufacturing site, we ensure that child labor is rejected and that the workers are employed in compliance with all national and international regulations!

Glückliche Famile mit Baby


When it comes to your baby, we make no compromises. And for this reason, safety is also a top priority at NONOMO®. Because your baby's safety is especially important to us!

Feder mit Sicherheitsseil und Federüberzieher


All NONOMO® components consist primarily of renewable and recyclable raw materials. In this way, our environment and natural resources are protected.

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