What's a NONOMO® Baby Hammock

The NONOMO® - Movie Mia, Pia and Paul explain the NONOMO® Baby Hammock in just 1,5 minutes

The NONOMO® Baby Hammock can be installed with its special spring in the door frame, at the ceiling, with one of the NONOMO® Stands -basic- or -design- or the fitting wall rack. Its soft swaying movements imitate the flow of the amniotic fluid inside the mother`s womb and calm down the baby fast and gently.

Curvature of baby`s spine

Its special curvature spreads out the body weight on the whole length of the spinal column and, by that, the intervertebral discs are relieved. That`s why even midwives and therapists recommend the use of a special baby hammock like the NONOMO® Baby Hammock.

NONOMO® on the road

The NONOMO® Baby Hammock is the perfect companion on trips and family excursion due to the NONOMO® Door Clamp and its canvas bag for transportation. So, your child can always sleep in its familiar surround.

Hammock for larger children

Even larger children can enjoy the swaying of a hammock with our NONOMO® XL Hammock. From a body size of 80 cm and with the fitting springs (Mini: 3-15 kg, Midi: 10-20 kg, Maxi: 15–30 kg) the XL Hammock can be used up to the age of 6 years.

Hammock for twins

The NONOMO® Hammock for twins is special: Each twin has its own roost but is close to the other one like during pregnancy.