What might happen if my baby is able to sit up?

Fragen und Antworten

It isn't easy to sit up or turn around in a hammock. If you once tested it on your own, you know what we are talking about. You need a lot of power to sit up and leave the hammock. Mostly, you have to raise with the help of the edges of the hammock. The high sidewalls of the hammock do not offer the possibility to raise. But some day your baby will be able to sit up by itself. If it is also able to walk at the same time this won't be a problem. You only hang the hammock close to the floor, so that your child can leave the hammock without any help. If your child is not able to walk, please pay attention! You should not leave your child alone with or inside the NONOMO®. It would be better to take a break from NONOMO® until your baby is able to walk.